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Ceramic vs. Crystalline


One of the most common questions asked by Average Joe, Plain Jane, and even tint enthusiasts concern the differences between Ceramic and Crystalline films. In this post, we'll compare the two top of the line, tint industry leaders, 3M Crystalline vs FormulaOne Pinnacle. But before I begin, I want to note that no one film is absolutely better than another, it really comes down to preference, but I will go over some specifications such as visible light transmission, solar energy rejection, infrared rejection, and UV rejection. 

3M Crystalline Series

The 3M Crystalline film is a multi layer optical film that combines 200 layers and is thinner than a Post-It Note. What this means is that this film offers a higher heat rejection than some darker films so that you don't need to change the appearance of your vehicle to keep it feeling cooler. Solar heat primarily comes from two different sources, the amount of visible light you can see and infrared light which you can feel. The 3M Crystalline series blocks out 97% of infrared light at rejects 34% heat at it's lightest shade (CR90, about 86% light transmission)

To sum things up, Crystalline films are designed to reject infrared light and a fairly high amount of solar energy for having lighter shades than other Ceramic films. If you're not looking to change the appearance of your vehicle while keeping out high amounts of heat, then I would highly recommend the 3M Crystalline Series.

FormulaOne Pinnacle Series

The FormulaOne Pinnacle Series is a ceramic film with heat rejection and glare reduction that can even be compared to some of the best metallic films. However, unlike those metallic films that interfere with cell phone and GPS reception, ceramic tints are nonmetallic and have no effect on your devices ability to perform. Although this Ceramic film is nonmetallic, it performs just as good, if not better than metallic films in rejecting solar energy, UV ray protection, and glare reduction. With 49% heat rejection at it's weakest shade of 54% light transmission, this film is designed to keep out the heat.

This Ceramic film boast very high heat rejection with light transmission as dark as 5% or as light as 54%. The Pinnacle series is a perfect fit for a stylish, smokey look while keeping your vehicle feeling cool. If you're looking for limo tint with high glare reduction while you beat the heat, check out FormulaOne Pinnacle Series.

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